About Us

At Rula Farms we aim to provide the international markets with our fresh and safe produce from Egypt while being the heartbeat of prosperity in our region. Our strategy is to focus on crops that would fulfill the needs of our export markets while promoting our communities and preserving the environment. Established in 1984, Rula Farms has been deeply engaged in land reclamation in the clean Egyptian desert far from any source of pollution. Its journey began by producing olives for its sister food processing company and contributed positively to the phenomenal success of the Wadi Food brand which includes several international-award-winning olive oils.
Rula farms has complete control over the value chain based on the “tree to table” concept. Since its initial launch, Rula Farms has diversified its crops and now claims over 2000 hectares of olive groves, orchards, vineyards and greenhouses under one management. We sustain a significant account of producing and supplying quality fresh produce to the local as well as the International markets while abiding by the strict food safety rules and agriculture regulations of Global GAP certification.
Rula Farms is a subsidiary of Wadi Group whose fundamental objective is Sustainable Growth built on four main pillars: people, environment, clients and stakeholders. The Group consists of 3000 dedicated employees. Its core value is to strengthen the human capital by investing in highly skilled, motivated and committed workforces. Rula Farms is committed to contribute to local communities through training and education and by preserving the environment and turning the desert green and maintaining it for generations to come. We proudly present to you Rula Farms quality crafted produce for your markets and your consumers.